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Barefoot Running Shoes, UK stockists of barefoot shoes and minimalist sandals.

Minimalist Shoes are becoming increasingly popular year on year. Here at we strive to bring you the best minimalist footwear at reasonable prices, shipped quickly to the United Kingdom. We carry some of the best brands in the barefoot shoe world, Vibram FiveFingers, Luna Sandals, Lems Shoes, Xero Shoes (Sandals), Correct Toes and Toe Socks with more to be added in the coming months. They can be used for practically everything, running, beach ball, yoga or simply lounging around the home, with your feet in complete comfort. Let your feet be feet!!

Latest product reviews from our customers

Good product, excellent service, Gill Hanham

Correct Toes-M

CorrectToes certainly feel odd when first used, but I soon got used to them, preferring to use them with toe-socks. After a month of use, my toes are showing a definite improvement. The service from Barefoot could not be faulted. (Posted on 03/11/2014)

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Extremely Quick Delivery andexcellent product, Christopher Braithwaite

Correct Toes

These do take a while to get used to but as per the insructions you should start off by using them at home in small periods. I was quite shocked at how turned under my outside toes were. I think I could have done with getting these a lot earlier. I have also purchased some LEMS which I find quite comfortable but I have not yet managed to wear the correct toes with them for long periods but I thing its a matter of patience. (Posted on 02/11/2014)

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Not easy to wear in shoes, thus can't keep them on as much as necessary, Jane Wheeler

Correct Toes

One foot benefits hugely, the other has a 2nd toe with a ligament problem springing up too high and being pushed over onto the thrid toe by the bunioned big toe, so maybe correct toes can't sort it out. I can however get that foot into my walking boot and slightly masochistically go for a proper walk with it in place, while the better foot's small toes says no thanks to being in the boot, although they are a generous size! (Posted on 31/10/2014)

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Very different footwear and excellent customer service!, Tamara Atanasova

Lems Shoes - Primal 2

The Lems: I have used them for walks/commuting as well as slowly trying them out on short runs. As this was my first minimalist shoe, it did take some time getting used to - however they are immensely comfortable, and have already revealed bad habits I have (issues in walking due to wearing flats a lot). Running with them is a pleasure and will end up in me hanging up my Nikes in a month or so! Do read the measurement instructions, I got a size up from my "usual" shoe size and they fit perfectly.
The service has been excellent with James extremely helpful on the chat as well - super polite and fast! (Posted on 22/10/2014)

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Excellent service, Gill

Correct Toes

Excellent service from BornBarefoot - product arrived less than 24 hours after placing my order. (Posted on 05/10/2014)

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Great shoes and delivery!, Francisco Ríos

Lems Shoes - Primal 2

I just love them. No problem with sizing, and are very, very comfortable. (Posted on 02/10/2014)

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Very impressed, Justin Reid

Lems Shoes - Mariner

I love these shoes. Excellent quality and very comfortable. Great service from Bornbarefoot. Will be buying my next pair of Lems when they come in. (Posted on 01/10/2014)

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Best as usual, Pascal Evaly

Lems Shoes - Nine2Five

Excellent service. The nine2five lems are great shoes. (Posted on 28/09/2014)

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