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Luna Sandals

Luna Sandals - inspired by the Tarahumara

Luna Sandals are hand crafted minimalist outdoor sandals inspired by the
Tarahumara and designed by Barefoot Ted. They are outdoor sandals, used
for hiking, running, and just about any adventure you can imagine.

  • Luna Mono Hero

    Luna Mono



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    The Mono (Monkey en Español) with the super secure ATS laces is the so everything go everywhere sandal from Luna Sandals.
  • Black Tech Strap Hero

    Luna Tech Straps (pair)



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    The Tech Strap is an add-on Velcro strap that helps keep your heel strap and ankle secure. It is a great way to add a little lace...
  • Lunatic Bracelet

    Lunatic Bracelet



    Out of stock

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    Each "LUNAtic Bracelet" is repurposed from leftover scrap elasticized leather laces custom made for LUNA.

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Latest Luna Sandals reviews

Great shoes - really pleased!, Michael Pye


I have found these shoes a revelation - I have been searching for a minimal shoe for ages that doesn't hurt my feet or cause blisters. I have tried VFF's, vivo barefoot, merrels but they all had issues. The Luna's have been great, they need to be tighter than I initially thought but once adjusted they're great. My longest run has been 8.5 miles and no problems. I may never run in a normal running shoe again! (Posted on 03/06/2014)

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Great sandals. Comfortable to run in and very discreet! , Martin Clayton


I have found these sandals to be very comfortable from the off. I have been for runs in them and have had no problems comfort wise. The sole is strong but the larger rocks on trails do sting your foot so be careful. I'm still adjusting the ATS laces a lot but i'm sure ill find the best fit soon. All in all a very good product, one that i plan to wear on my travels for the next six months so will happily write another review then to see how they hold up. (Posted on 23/05/2014)

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Good shoes, but expensive ! Perfect service from BBF, Guillaume Vindevogel


Very good service from Bornbarefoot.
I loved the live chat while placing the order to answer any question I might have. Excellent.
The shoes I have bought are good, expensive though for what it is. (Posted on 02/10/2013)

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Great running sandal, Paul


These are a great pair of running sandals. At first I was apprehensive about the price, but to be honest, they're worth every penny. I've been running "barefoot" minimal for about 3 years now and tried Xero Shoes (aka Invisible shoes when i bought my first pair), Vivobarefoot Neo and Achilles and now the Luna Sandals. I really like the Luna. They're very comfortable, which i think is testament to the materials used and the thought that appears to have gone into them.

So, I've had them for about a week and i've run just over 13 miles in them. To save a long story, I've listed my own pros and cons:

- First reaction was 'quite pricey for a pair of sandals', but gave it a go since they're by That guy from That book. (Born to run)
- Takes time to get the fit right, i.e. you don't just lace up and go.
- Ground feel isn't as good as I'd expected in comparison to Xero Shoes or Neo for example.

- Quality of materials used. The strapping, and the layer on top of the vibram sole. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into making these for the person wearing the sandal rather than cost of production.
- Comfort. The layer on top of the vibram sole makes a big difference.
- The strapping. very easy to adjust and doesn't appear to rub. The material is very soft but exceptionally strong.
- Wide base. I have really wide feet and they fit perfectly.
- If my experience with other minimal shoes with Vibram soles are anything to go by, the Luna will last a long time.

My advice if you are already a minimal runner would be to limit the distance on your first few runs in these. Not to saves your calves, but to get the fit right. It's trial and error, so if you limit your time to short runs initially you reduce the risk of getting it wrong, which means avoiding rubbing that could cause blisters. Personally, I have them pretty tight - heel tight and buckle toward the toe. If it feels a little over tight when I first put them on, they're ok for running. That works for me, but a different fit might work for you!!

That said, once you get the fit right they're ridiculously comfortable. I'm hooked and they're now my first choice for running shoes.
(Posted on 02/09/2013)

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Great all round sandal, Anne


I have had my Luna Venados for a couple of weeks now and worn them constantly (except when barefoot) for both mooching about and running. They are very comfortable and especially great to run in for all but the roughest surfaces. They just feel nice and firm under your feet. I have had some difficulties getting the strapping right, this is still work in progress, but is a bit about me being pinickity. Even when my foot has slipped, they still feel fine! I have also trimmed them to fit my spade-shaped feet. That is the beauty of sandals! Another slight downside is they get a bit whiffy, still, they can be washed. To summarise, a great pair of running and general use sandals, well worth the price. (Posted on 28/08/2013)

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